Get up on a tree house this weekend!

Explorers are we, intrepid and bold
Out in the wild, amongst wonders untold.
Equipped with our wits, a map and a snack,
We’re searching for fun and we’re on the right track!
– Calvin and Hobbes

Get up on a tree house this weekend. Not Calvin’s “G.R.O.S.S club” (Get rid of slimy girls),  but a real one. Tucked into luscious green canopies lies your passport to a rejuvenating break from the city.

Here are a few tree houses we would highly recommend for your weekend jaunt from Bangalore.

Inn The Wild, Masinagudi

With a sprawling 65 acreage of tropical wilderness near the Mudumalai Forests, this resort, true to its name, is home to a spectacular diversity of wildlife with the highlights being the majestic Asiatic elephant, the powerful Gaur, the elusive Indian leopard and the endangered royal bengal tiger. And many of these animals have made house calls in the past. That explains the need for treehouses here! 😉

Tranquil, Wayanad

The Tree house here is also situated in a tropical forest but surrounded by exquisite ecological beauty and breath taking aroma of the coffee and spice plantations that surround. “Tranquil” in addition to the tree house has a “Tree Villa”. Nestled under the beauty of a Gul Mohr Tree, the Luxury Tree Villa rests on three trees. At a striking height of 35 feet from the ground level the entire structure measures 517 sq.feet, comprises of a bedroom and a bathroom with a six point shower!

Gorukana, BR Hills

At this eco-friendly jungle resort, you can put your feet up and enjoy bio-diversity at its best. The tree house, with its bamboo walls and windows overlooking a rainwater harvest pond provides a breath-taking view of the rolling hills.

Rainforest, Athirapally

The tropical tree house of “Rainforest” in Athirapally is situated in the Sholayar range of the virgin rainforest. Tree houses at the “Rainforest” are well placed on the strongest tropical trees, strategically located for the guest to get the best view of the Athirapally waterfalls, uncommon wild life sighting as well as a view of the pristine untouched forest reserve landscape.

Whether you’re in a tree house for the nature, for the view, to stay safe from the wild or because you’re Tarzan, you’re in for a great weekend!



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