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Water Sports Destinations around New York City
For all you water-loving adrenaline junkies out there, these water sport hubs near New York City will blow your mind! Be it sailing in Newport, fishing in the Poconos, or kayaking along the Adirondacks, options are many. You can also drive to the nearby Ocean City for several miles of beach and plenty of water sports to choose from.
Beaches around New York City
Has it been a while since your last beach holiday? Miss the golden sand and clear waters crashing against the shore? Then head over to some of these pristine beaches near the Big Apple and unwind in the true sense. There are only a few feelings that beat the warm coastal breeze against your face and the laidback vibe at a relaxed beachside town. Be it water sports, long strolls, delicious seafood, or lavish beach resorts, these destinations have it all! So what are you waiting for? Pack a pair of flip-flops along with your beachwear and get going for a rejuvenating vacation away from the city. Lay back and sunbathe along the vast waters, sip on a cocktail and stay loose!
Hill Stations around New York City
Spend a refreshing weekend amidst misty locales, majestic mountain ranges, and picturesque valleys. Visit the Berkshires, a goldmine of natural attractions, and enjoy hiking, skiing, whitewater rafting, etc., or head to Acadia National Park which houses some of the most exalted lakes, shorelines, and mountains. This holiday, cleanse your soul and de-clutter your mind. Take some time off from the busy city and succumb to nature at these wonderful destinations!
Road Trips From New York City
Although the bustling NYC is almost unmatched as a city, the fast pace tends to get a bit stressful. If you feel like taking a break from it all and just heading out of the city for the weekend, these road trips are meant for you! Drive down to any of these spectacular destinations near the Big Apple and enjoy a relaxed holiday away from all the chaos. Visit Philadelphia, known for its rich heritage and plethora of historical spots, sunbathe alongside the soothing and pristine beaches of Ocean City, visit the magical Niagara falls, or take the kids along and head to Disneyland. If you're up for a little adventure, consider skiing in Vermont or explore the Berkshires' hiking trails. Just take your pick, pack your luggage in the boot and hit the road!
Wine Regions around New York City
Wine and Cheese? Yes, please! Channelize your inner sommelier and delight your taste buds with a visit to these incredible wine regions around New York City. Run along to North Fork's ever-famous vineyards and taste the flavorsome varieties, or head over to Finger Lakes - known for its picturesque scenery and for being the largest wine producing region in New York. When it comes to first class wines, New York and its surrounds never fail to impress their visitors!
Beach Resorts near New York City
A sunny day; let the cool breeze and the sound of waves free your mind of all stress. Take a sip of those chilled Coladas while you lounge on the deck chairs of an exquisite beach resort. Be it the sophisticated Hamptons with its immaculate white sand beaches, two hours away from the city, or the vacationers' paradise - Nantucket, with its clear and pristine beaches, take time off from the taxing city life to just sit by the coast and relax! Book a stay at any of these beach resorts and enjoy easy beach access, water sport facilities, spectacular views and first-class hospitality.
Getaways for shopaholics around New York City
Feel you've exhausted all of New York City's shopping options? Then get going to these suave destinations around the Big Apple and enjoy some world-class retail therapy. Within just a couple of minutes, find yourself at The Hamptons or the famous Atlantic City and explore all possible ways you can empty your pockets! Embrace the inner shopaholic in you and go crazy with what these places have to offer!
Getaways for Museum and Monument Lovers around New York City
History buffs and bygone era lovers out there, does the thought of museums and ancient monuments evoke a sense of happiness and excitement? While Philly has been known to house few of the most impeccable museums and awe-inspiring historical sites, Hudson and Annapolis equally encompass some exceptional monuments worth visiting. One cannot possibly forget the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and the most loved Farmers' Museum of Cooperstown. The list goes on; so get going 'cause you have a lot to cover!
Backpacker Friendly Getaways near New York City
Time to take a break from the mundane city life and backpack your way through some of these admirable destinations around the Big Apple! Be it Cape May's Victorian buildings that are a treat for the eyes, Cape Cod's cozy seafood shacks, or Ogunquit's impressive art scene and outdoor activities, these destinations have a lot in store for the curious traveler. When it comes to accommodation, you'll find enough budget options that are light on the pocket. So, pack your rucksacks and start exploring these backpacker-friendly getaways near New York City!
Destinations great for sight seeing around New York City
If the Statue of Liberty and The Empire State Building have raised bars of expectations, head over to Philadelphia, a city known for its rich past and historic spots that will not disappoint you. Visit the Ostego Lake in Cooperstown where the view is incredible or capture some Instagram-worthy moments at the winsome Niagara Falls. Explore these charming getaways around New York City and be blown away by their artistry!
Holidays a short flight from New York City
Take some time off your daily routine and explore these beautiful places around New York City that are only a flight away! A two and a half hour trip to the loving city of Charleston will get you amidst some exciting historical regions and exquisite architecture. For the same duration, you can reach the windy city of Chicago; be blown away by the graceful architecture, mouth-watering restaurants, and the harrowing museums! The options are many, all you need to do is pack up and book your tickets!
Getaways for food lovers around New York City
NYC and its surrounds offer some of the most delectable cuisines you'll ever find. Enjoy some fine dining at destinations like Hudson, Newport and Quechee or savor some mouthwatering seafood at Cape Cod's cozy shacks. Offering cuisines from all over the world, as well as unique and innovative variations, these foodie hubs around the Big Apple will not disappoint even the most discerning of connoisseurs.
Luxury Resorts near New York City
Forget about how much you're spending for a change and take some time out to pamper yourself this weekend. If the sound of personal butlers, private pools, open-air jacuzzis, rejuvenating spas and exciting activities appeals to you, then head to any of these exquisite resorts near NYC and enjoy first-class facilities. Be it The Hamptons or Atlantic City, both a short drive away, or an extravagant beach resort along the sandy shores of Malibu, these resorts never fail to impress even the most discerning of travelers! So what are you waiting for? Drive out of the city and indulge away!
Heritage Resorts and Getaways around New York City
Does the essence of the past motivate you and fill you with admiration? Then head over to some of these fantastic heritage destinations near the enchanting New York City and be mesmerized. Discover exceptional places like Philadelphia, Camden, Cooperstown, etc. that have plenty in store for history buffs and other travelers alike. Once you arrive, you're sure to want to extend your stay in order to explore everything these regions have to offer!
Romantic Resorts & Couple Holidays near New York City
Want to escape to an amorous and alluring destination with that special someone? Book a luxurious stay at The Hamptons, explore Philly's vibrant nightlife, go birding at Cape May, or enjoy a secluded retreat at Martha's Vineyard. These destinations should be on top of any couple's bucket list! Spend some alone time together at either of these romantic resorts that are all about love. Enjoy special packages designed just for you and your loved one to take back cherishable memories. From couples' massages and open-air jacuzzis to private pool villas and candlelight dinners, you'll find everything you're looking for. All you need to do is book your stay and surprise your partner!
Adventure Getaways around New York City
Up for some enthralling and exciting escapades? Two and a half hours away from New York City is Poconos, known for hunting, fishing, skiing, and more; you name it and you'll find it! You can also head to the Berkshires, known to be an adventurer's paradise, where you can get some staggering experience of hiking, kayaking, canoeing, golf, horse riding, etc. If you're someone who loves the sight of snowy slopes, go on a ski trip to the nearby Stowe or the Killington Ski Resort. For beautiful sceneries and tons of adventure activities, the Adirondacks also make a great option. So, don't wait any longer; pack your shoes and head out for an exhilarating experience!
Culture getaways around New York City
Spa Resorts near New York City
Stressed out and need a break? Then take one and go all out this time! Enjoy a rejuvenating spa retreat at these resorts near New York City and go back a new you! Refresh your mind, body, and soul with professional treatments designed to help you relax after a long week. Loosen those muscles and forget about all your worries while experts take care of all your needs. From facials to mud baths, the elaborate menus at these top-notch spa resorts will leave you confused! So what are you waiting for? Make up for all those long hours spent at work and pick a destination; once you're done deciding, leave it to the professionals!
Activity Getaways around New York City
Bored of movie nights and clubbing? Then take a break and engage in some exhilarating activities around you. New York City and its surrounding regions offer innumerable opportunities for an activity-rich getaway.  Be it birdwatching at Cape May, hiking the Berkshires, skiing at Killington, or sailing in Newport, you'll never be short of a place to go to or an activity to keep yourself occupied. The list goes on; all you need to do is pack your bags and get going!
Casino Getaways around New York City
Drive to Atlantic City in less than 3 hours or hop on a flight to the infamous Vegas. Whatever it is, NYC places you in close proximity to some exciting casino destinations that will surprise you with their vibrancy. This weekend, why not check if Lady Luck is on your side and see how high the stakes go? Say goodbye to all your worries for a while and focus on maintaining that poker face. Watch these destinations as they come to life as the night progresses and go back with stories of extravagant wagering and magical spectacles!
Getaways with Nightlife around New York City

Awaken the party animal in you and head over to these destinations if you're looking for a vibrant nightlife. Be it the happening city of New York, the gambling hubs of Atlantic City and Las Vegas, the 'awe-stonishing' streets of Chicago, or the bustling foodie paradise of New Orleans, places to satisfy the night owl in you are many; all that you have to do is pack up and be prepared to party hard!

Road Trips from NYC
What better way to exploit the journey to your dream destination than to hop in a car and hit the road? A road trip is the zenith of any adventure, emphasizing on warm and personal experiences that live long in memory. So, pack your luggage in the boot and let the roads take you to places that will mesmerize you. Undertake these epic trips and be sure to keep returning every chance you get!
Short Flights from NYC
Short flights are the portal to exciting destinations and allow you to escape the hustle and bustle within a couple of hours. Though New York City may have a lot to do, we all need a break once in awhile. So, take time to relieve your tensions and let the clouds above the Statue Of Liberty guide you to the marvels lingering around the great city. These flights maybe bumpy but sure as hell are worth it!
Couple Getaways in New York
Haven't been spending enough time with your loved one? Has the busy city life left the two of you feeling disconnected? Then head to any of these romantic resorts to rekindle that spark in your relationship! Spend a relaxed and special weekend with your partner and go back with memories that will be etched in your hearts forever!
Top Winter Getaways from NYC
When it comes to winter getaways, one has a plethora of options to choose from, all either driving distance from NYC or a short nonstop flight away! Whether you want to simply admire the beauty of these towns as they transform in winter or engage in activities such as skiing or snowboarding, the East Coast has something for everyone! So, hurry and head to these destinations before winter's over!
Spa Resorts near NYC
The big apple can be overwhelmingly hectic. Sometimes the city life can be stressful, and one of the best things you can do is take some time off for a relaxing spa day at any of these prime locations. Each one of these is unique, with different signature treatments and different methods used during massages and treatments. However, all of them provide absolute blissful comfort. Just one day at any of these spas is sure to relax you and leave you rejuvenated. So, what are you waiting for? Book your spa getaway soon and let professionals take care of you while you unwind in style!
Top 5 Weekend Getaways in New Jersey
New Jersey is home to fabulous holiday destinations and resorts where one can spend a fun and memorable weekend. Stunning beaches, wineries, historic sites, lighthouses, festivals and what not! Whatever be your idea of a vacation, there is always something exciting awaiting you in New Jersey. Visit Cape May - a stunning seaside paradise, housing lovely beach accommodations or head to Atlantic City for exciting casino nights, live music and a multi-culinary experience. Visit any time of the year, and you won't regret it. They say some things get better with age, and New Jersey is certainly not any different! Book a stay at any of these remarkable getaways in NJ and take back an enriching experience!
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