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What better way to exploit the journey to your dream destination than to hop in a car and hit the road? A road trip is the zenith of any adventure, emphasizing on warm and personal experiences that live long in memory. So, pack your luggage in the boot and let the roads take you to places that will mesmerize you. Undertake these epic trips and be sure to keep returning every chance you get!
Cape Cod
Being one of the eastern-most tips of the USA, Cape Cod doesn't fail to impress as a picturesque, charming breakout from the chores of everyday life. Flawless long sandy beaches, dozens of looming lighthouses, countless shingled shacks and world renowned for recreational fishing, Cape Cod superlatively delivers in every aspect a tourist would want to be acknowledged. 
The five hour drive from the bustling city of New York takes you through scenic bridges, lengthy deserted roads and a stunning glimmer of the trail parallel to the majestic blue of the Atlantic. The vast region of Cape Cod encompasses 15 towns, including many scenic quaint villages which add to the beauty of it.
Rich in culture and apt for outdoor activities, this serene destination is bound to leave you awestruck. What's better, you ask? Whale spotting! There's plenty to do here and you're sure to keep returning.
The Berkshires
New York City is one of those places you wouldn't want to escape from, but if the hubbub of the city is too much to take (which is rarely the case) then an escape to The Berkshires is the quintessential getaway for the weekend. 
Located at a distance of approximately 250 km along the course of the great Hudson river, the route offers panoramic green fields with uninterrupted hilly peaks as its backdrop & 3 hours tend to fly by. 
Nestled in the American countryside, among the scenic and much famed Appalachian mountain range, the region offers a multitude of tourist activities and attractions all year round. Right from the numerous state parks, hiking, biking and skiing opportunities, to relishing the fine history & art museums, music festivals and quality theater experiences, The Berkshires have it all. An unmatched rural destination with a perfect tinge of riveting activities to indulge in!
Just 100 miles to the south of NYC lies 'Philly', as it is fondly known amongst the natives. With a rich history that helped shape the outline of present day USA, it offers much more in terms of gastronomy, architecture, culture, sports, and arts. From the famous Liberty Bell to the momentous Independence Hall, history comes alive in Philadelphia. It is renowned for boasting many of U.S' firsts including the first library, first hospital, first Capital, first stock exchange and even the first zoo! 
Being the only World Heritage City in the country, this is not just another consolidated metropolitan. Sleek skyscrapers, wide roads and lush green parks compliment narrow residential streets, churches and historical buildings with sophisticated accuracy. The city is known to enchant any visitor with its never-ending charm of busy days and exotic nightlife. 
Philly is both modern and historic, as oxymoronic as it sounds.
Adirondack Park
Secluded and locked away from civilization, there is something about the Adirondack Park reserve in Upstate New York that mesmerizes every visitor that has set foot in it. Spanning over an area of 6M hectares, the outside world seems to fade behind endless hills, thousands of kilometers of lakes, rivers and streams and miscellany of wildlife. Located at a distance of 230 miles from New York City and a drive of 4-5 hours, the park is an ideal weekend trip for anyone looking to relax and unwind in nature's blissful abode. Although a tourist hotspot, attracting millions of tourists and nature lovers alike, the park has maintained its serene and tranquil atmosphere over the decades. Hike any of the 46 highest peaks of the Adirondacks or ride a snowmobile through endless trails of barren land, the choice is yours; the Adirondacks have everything you need for a memorable weekend!
Finger Lakes
What's better than 11 narrow pristine lakes that look like fingers, surrounded by lush vineyards known for their world famous wines? Finger Lakes is located at a distance of 260 miles and a 5 hour drive from New York City, bordering the great lake of Ontario. Apart from the crystal clear waters, the reserve around the lakes provides beautiful views of waterfalls, cliffs, and gorges. Cool, placid forests present to you an escapade into a breath of fresh air, nothing like you have experienced before. Any trip would be incomplete without bagging on some of the wines the region is famous for. Go for the wine, stay for the tranquillity. Also, the lakes are just a two hour drive from the colossal Niagara Falls.
One thing is for sure, you will want more once you depart from this exceptional abode of mother nature.
Acadia National Park
Talk about breathtaking national parks to visit in the country and Acadia is bound to be in the top five, at least! This enormous park spreads over an area of around 50,000 hectares and etches its beautiful features in the eye of the beholder. A long 8 hour drive along the Atlantic coast, of about 
500 miles from the hustle and bustle of New York City is well worth the effort. Scenic views of the deep blue of the Atlantic, pristine island lakes and bundled pine forests add to the marvel of this enchanting region.
More of a national treasure that needs to be unearthed with every visit, you are destined to be wonderstruck with all that mother nature has to offer.
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