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Travel Specials and Collections - Jaipur

Homestays near Jaipur
Book a cozy homestay at any of these nearby destinations and enjoy your weekend to the fullest! With all the comforts of home and humble hosts, there's no reason for you to miss home. These homestays near Jaipur promise a comfortable and memorable stay.
Beach Resorts near Jaipur
Enjoy a stay at a resort located right on the beach, be it alongside a river or on the seashore. These beach resorts near Jaipur are sure to give you the complete beach experience!
Wildlife Jungle Resorts near Jaipur
Enjoy a stay at destinations like Corbett, Ranthambore and Bharatpur, and maybe get a chance to spot some wildlife right outside your room! These jungle resorts near Jaipur will allow you to truly get in touch with nature and spot some of the most exotic species of wildlife!
Hill Resorts near Jaipur
The north is home to majestic mountains that lend themselves to wild getaways. Jaipur, luckily, is in close proximity to many of these beautiful hills, thereby making it easy to take off for a quick break. Head to any of these hill resorts near the Pink City and unwind in a tranquil, heavenly abode.
Water Front Resorts near Jaipur
Enjoy a newfound love for the tranquil waters ahead of you, with a stay at any of these waterfront resorts near Jaipur. Wake up to stunning views and begin your day on a good note. Make use of top-notch amenities and have a memorable weekend that will leave you wanting more!
Tree House Resorts near Jaipur
The rustling leaves, the melodious sound of birds chirping, a rustic charm, and all the modern amenities you would require - does this sound perfect to you? If so, book a stay at any of these tree house resorts near Jaipur and be prepared to be mesmerized!
Spa Resorts near Jaipur
Unwind after a long week with a spa treatment that will leave you refreshed. Relax your mind, body and soul while trained professionals use their expertise to relieve you of all your stress. Enjoy a stay at any of these spa resorts near Jaipur and go back feeling rejuvenated!
Pet Friendly Resorts near Jaipur
Feel like your holiday won't be complete without that one important member of the family? There's no longer a reason for you to leave your four-legged friend behind; these pet friendly resorts near Jaipur will be more than happy to welcome you and your pet with open arms!
Romantic Resorts & Couple Holidays near Jaipur
The Pink City may be romantic but sometimes it feels nicer to try out a new destination for a change. This weekend, why not take your partner along and head out of the city? These romantic resorts near Jaipur are sure to make your weekend together romantic and memorable. Be it an exclusive candle light dinner out in the open or a cozy homestay amidst the hills, you'll have enough options to take your loved one by surprise!
Adventure Getaways near Jaipur
You'll never be too far from an adventure if you're based in Jaipur. Satisfy those adrenaline cravings and head out to any of these destinations for a thrilling weekend! Extend your adventure and stay for more than just a day; these resorts will allow you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!
Heritage Resorts and Getaways near Jaipur
Jaipur is undoubtedly one of India's richest cities when it comes to heritage. However, there are other regions around, too, that have plenty to offer. Learn more about India's rich history by visiting either of these destinations near Jaipur and book a stay at a heritage resort to make your experience even more authentic!
Resorts near Jaipur
Whether you're looking for a simple and cozy homestay or a lavish, high-end resort, choices are plenty around Jaipur. Head out this weekend and unwind with a stay at any of these resorts that are either driving distance from Jaipur or a short flight away. All you need to do is take your pick of destination, book your stay, pack your luggage, and get going! These resorts will not disappoint you. 
Luxury Resorts near Jaipur
Jaipur and its neighboring regions are home to a plethora of resorts that are perfect for a short, rejuvenating break. This weekend, why not take some time out for yourself and indulge? These luxury resorts are sure to make you feel on top of the world. With top-notch facilities, plush interiors, beautiful locations and much more, you're sure to want to extend your stay!
Places with Rich Culture around Jaipur
Jaipur and its surrounding regions are extremely rich in culture and will not disappoint you. Whether it's the Rajasthani culture you wish to soak in or any other, you'll find it all a short drive or a quick flight away. Witness a Rajasthani folk dance or explore Chandigarh's food culture; whatever it is, you're guaranteed a cultural feast!
Activity Getaways near Jaipur
You'll never run short of things to do if you're planning an escape from the Pink City. Be it camel rides amidst the dunes or a wildlife safari in a sanctuary, opportunities for an activity-packed getaway are endless! So book your stay soon because you're sure going to want to spend at least a couple of days at these destinations!
Foodie Havens around Jaipur
While Jaipur itself is a foodie haven and is a real treat to the taste buds, with delicacies like dal baati churma stealing the show, there are other foodie hubs around that are worth exploring as well. Get a taste of some authentic Punjabi cuisine at Amritsar or Chandigarh, or enjoy a plate of steamed momos at McLeod Ganj. You can also visit Delhi for one of the best food scenes in the country. Whatever it is, Jaipur is close to several foodie destinations that will not disappoint you.
Destinations great for sight seeing around Jaipur
If sightseeing is your thing and you're based in Jaipur, you couldn't ask for anything better! Jaipur and its surrounding cities are home to an endless list of tourist spots that will blow your mind! So, pack your walking shoes and head to any of these sightseeing destinations that have so much in store! Oh, and shutterbugs, don't forget to grab your cameras!
Eco Escapes near Jaipur
If you want to enjoy nature at its best, be a part of conserving it. Head to any of these eco-friendly resorts near Jaipur and enjoy modern amenities in the lap of nature!
Wildlife Sanctuaries around Jaipur
Wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and shutterbugs, y'all are in for a treat! These wildlife sanctuaries around Jaipur are home to some of India's most exotic species and promise a fabulous getaway in the midst of mother nature! Watch the beautiful, wild creatures as they roam around freely in their natural habitat and find yourself lost for words!
Hill Stations around Jaipur
Hill stations make great getaways from the mundane city life. Enjoy a stay amidst the lush green, cool hills, wake up to stunning views of breathtaking valleys, and soak in the tranquility of your surroundings. These hill stations around Jaipur have everything you're looking for on your perfect vacation!
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