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Travel Specials and Collections - Hyderabad

Road Trips From Hyderabad
Hyderabad, completely landlocked, offers exciting road tripping opportunities. Whatever be the distance, a road trip is always promising. A scenic drive, a bonding moment, and a fantastic holiday are only possible on a road trip with friends and family, somewhere far far away. Grab your bags and hit the road for an unforgettable experience this holiday season.
Holidays a short flight from Hyderabad
Driving to your nearest holiday destination from Hyderabad may just take longer than flying to a more exotic location. A short flight takes you to the majesty of Rajasthan, or to the beauty of Sri Lanka. Fly even to Gods Own Country. Places far away, with still more to offer than you can imagine. Discover their intricacies this weekend, for an unforgettable holiday. Experience the thrill of exploring a new location, all just a flight away!
Homestays near Hyderabad
Step aside one home and get into another! The destinations close to Hyderabad have countless home stays to welcome you after a long and tiring excursion. With the hospitality and the amenities offered, you will get the warmth and fuzziness of being in a home. You can now drive away all the fears of staying alone in an unfamiliar region and enjoy your vacation!
Beach Resorts near Hyderabad
Take a dip in the sea and wallow your worries away! Go on long leisurely walks on the beach and soak up all the tranquility around. Sitting at convenient places enabling you to get as close as you want to the sea while getting you pampered with new age benefits, the beach resorts close to Hyderabad are a win win! Vizag has been always a good neighbor and treasured for its rich serenity and beaches! Pick a beach resort of your choice and enjoy everything these destinations have to offer!
Wildlife Jungle Resorts near Hyderabad
There's no distance that's too far for a wildlife enthusiast. Bond with nature this weekend, at these wildlife getaways from Hyderabad. The wildlife sanctuary closest to Hyderabad is the Papikonda National Park, but venturing so far as Dandeli or Bheemeshwari can also prove to be rewarding. Witness the majestic Black Panther in its natural habitat, or even the spotted deer and its other deer friends. Reside in lovely jungle lodges, and camp out in the wilderness for one crazy night!
Hill Resorts near Hyderabad
Get off the plains this weekend and head to the hills. The ever-present cool breeze is bound to be a pleasant surprise at these hill stations near Hyderabad. Visit Horsley hills for a quick vacation with family or friends. A museum and a Highview seeing place are offset by the adventure sports offered here. The hills will surely keep you occupied for the duration of the trip, boredom left at bay.
Theme Resorts near Hyderabad
Want to take home a unique holiday experience? Take a diversion from having a mainstream holiday and head out for something much more interesting. The last you had done is probably eat at a themed restaurant, but now you can stay at one! On the surrounds of Hyderabad are some resorts sticking on to interesting themes. Some match their food and interiors to compliment a certain theme or some throw parties and have traditional events you can part take in. Whatever it is, if something different is what you're looking for, these resorts offer you just that!
Water Front Resorts near Hyderabad
Step aside from the beaches for your next holiday, and explore the waterfronts near Hyderabad. You can get the much needed peace and quiet by staying beside a lake, river or the backwaters of a pristine water body. Experience staying away from all the racket and enjoy the seclusion for a change!
Tree House Resorts near Hyderabad
Take your holiday experience to a whole new level by staying in the woods literally! Pack your belongings and come prepared to stay in a fully furnished tree house at some of the very popular tree house resorts around Hyderabad. Catch some fantastic views and take in the essence of the dense green surrounds!
Spa Resorts near Hyderabad
The luxuries you desire are closer than you think. Visit a spa resort near Hyderabad this weekend for a calming and serene experience. Whether it's close to home or somewhere a bit further like Chikmagalur or Mahabaleshwar, options are plenty for your long-awaited spa getaway! Wherever you might go, it is a relaxed mind that's most active.
Pet Friendly Resorts near Hyderabad
Worried about leaving behind your pet every time you head out for a vacation? Put an end to that now by visiting pet friendly resorts around Hyderabad, well-equipped for comforting you and your four legged friend. Bask in all the goodness now with your pet beside you. What better way to spend the weekend than this?
Romantic Resorts & Couple Holidays near Hyderabad
Share a secret or two with your favourite person this weekend. Whether it's quietly reading together, or going on an adventure, romance is waiting at these getaways near Hyderabad. Mahabaleshwar, Hessarghatta or Sangoda all serve as beautiful destinations, if only for just a weekend. Make a memory on this holiday, be it of bird watching or of dancing under the stars. Show the world that there can be no cabin fever with your special someone!
Heritage Resorts and Getaways near Hyderabad
Go back to your roots this weekend, at these heritage destinations near Hyderabad. A number of temples teach you fantastic things about the past and the future. Visit the Tirupati, Dharmapuri or Palampet temples and learn about our rich heritage and culture. Peace of mind available in plenty, these temple towns offer more than just a glance into the past. Delicious cuisine waits, not only at the temples themselves, but also in restaurants otherwise.
Resorts near Hyderabad
Ever heard anyone question the decision to go to a resort? That's because a weekend at the resort can only mean fun times! Whether you're a nature lover or an adventure seeker, or just someone who likes to sleep in, these resorts near Hyderabad will be sure to enthrall you.
Luxury Resorts near Hyderabad
Want to take a break from a tiring job and get pampered? Drive away all your tensions and luxuriate in the best of modernity. Sink into a hot sauna bath or melt your stress away at a spa, enjoy a quiet dinner or stay in the pool all day. There are plenty of luxury resorts near Hyderabad waiting to shower you with all the comfort that you've been missing out on!
Places with Rich Culture around Hyderabad
Sink into the richness of different cultures and traditions this vacation. Head out and explore the food, people and get introduced to a whole new taste of  India. Dotted with numerous such destinations, the neighborhood of Hyderabad can give you all that and much more! Hampi is always famed for carrying a rich cultural heritage and vestiges of ancient India. Take some time off and come here to experience an enriching getaway!
Activity Getaways near Hyderabad
Tired of wandering about the same place? Spend your weekend indulging in a range of activities that are waiting to uplift your energy. Have an exciting team outing engaging in numerous outbound activities, or get your dose of fun playing indoors! Either way, the destinations around Hyderabad promise you an active getaway! Come with your clan to make the most of this.
Foodie Havens around Hyderabad
A lot of people out there live to eat! One good meal can turn your day around or just feel like happy hugs to your belly! Be it on a street, a bistro or a fine dine restaurant, Hyderabad's neighbors have a lot to feed you! Come with family and friends to explore different food and satiate your taste buds. Bring home happy memories!
Water Sports Hubs around Hyderabad
Hyderabad sits amid all the space age conveniences and adventures for sure! All you adrenaline junkies out there have a lot to delve into when you get here. There is rafting through jumpy waters for serious adventure seekers or kayaking in still waters for the peace lover. Dandeli being the closest neighbor of Hyderabad encompasses the perfect setting allowing you to have adventures amid waters!
Destinations great for sight seeing around Hyderabad
Spend your holiday wallowing in nature's beauty. The surrounding environs of Hyderabad certainly are a treat to your eyes! Start driving to the neighborhood of Hyderabad and catch breathtaking views of a valley, sit by narrow streams or capture moments near a waterfall! There will be tiny topographies that take you by surprise, so keep looking out!
Eco Escapes near Hyderabad
Want to disconnect from all the rush of the city? Break away into a thorough rustic getaway this weekend. See how it feels to live on the other side of the world for a change!
Beaches around Hyderabad
Have fun with the waves this weekend, at these beaches near Hyderabad. Collect seashells, evade frothy waves, build sand castles or simply watch the sun set into the sea. Whether it is seclusion that you crave or a weekend of wild parties, head out of the city and discover new places. If the plethora of water sports doesn't cut it for you, campfires by the calming waters are sure to seal the deal.
Hill Stations around Hyderabad
Get off the plains this weekend and head to the hills. The ever-present cool breeze is bound to be a pleasant surprise at these hill stations near Hyderabad. Visit Horsley hills for a quick vacation with family or friends. A museum and a Highview seeing place are offset by the adventure sports offered here. The hills will surely keep you occupied for the duration of the trip, boredom left at bay.
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