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Rafting at barapolae

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  Getaway Details

Tucked away in the Southern Corner of Coorg, right in the middle of a coffee plantation is a beautiful base camp that is frequented by throes of visitors who have made Barapolae their favourite rafting destination.

The Upper Barapole River drops through several kilometres of class 3, 4 and even class 5 rapids before it enters Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary where it plummets to 120 feet! Needless to say, no one rafts beyond this section.

This activity is open for everyone above the age of 12, including first timers and non swimmers. It is conducted under the professional supervision of certified instructors who adhere to international safety standards.


Suggested Itinerary

Here is a suggested itinerary for your 2 day trip. Please note that the package tariff only includes rafting, stay, bonfire and meals. 


  • 06:00    Departure from bangalore
  • 07:30    Break fast at kamat lokaruchi or MTR or Adigas on mysore road
  • 12:00    Check-in to homestay and freshen up
  • 13:00    Lunch
  • 14:30    River rafting 
  • 16:30   End of river rafting and back to homestay
  • 18:00   Bonfire, High tea and relax
  • 20:00   Dinner and relax

Day- 2

  • 07:00  Morning Coffee and one can take plantation hike
  • 09:00  Break-fast
  • 10:00  Hike to Iruppu falls 
  • 12:30  Back to Home stay
  • 13:30  Lunch and depart.

Day visit Package
Suggested Itinerary
  • 06:00    Departure from bangalore
  • 07:30    Break fast at kamat lokaruchi or MTR or Adigas on mysore road
  • 12:00    Report to Rafting Centre and rafting
  • 14:00    End of rafting
  • 14:30    Lunch
  • 15:30    Hike to Iruppu falls
  • 16:30    Depart to bangalore via Rajiv gandhi National park(35kms of wild life drive-gate closes by 18:00 Hrs-45 minutes from Iruppu falls)
  • 19:00    Brindavan Gardens(KRS)
  • 20:00    Dinner and depart to bangalore
  • 22:30    ETA Bangalore.


Four factors, separately or in combination, can create rapids: gradient, constriction, obstruction and flow rate. Gradient, constriction and obstruction are streambed topography factors and are relatively consistent. Flow rate is dependent upon both seasonal variation in precipitation and snowmelt and upon release rates of upstream dams.

Streambed topography
  is the primary factor in creating rapids, and is generally consistent over time. Increased flow, as during a flood or high rainfall season can make permanent changes to the streambed by displacing rocks and boulders, by deposition of alluvium or by creating new channels for flowing water.

The gradient of a river is the rate at which it loses elevation along its course. This loss determines the river's slope, and to a large extent its rate of flow. Shallow gradients produce gentle, slow rivers while steep gradients are associated with raging torrents.

Constrictions can form a rapid when a river's flow is forced into a narrower channel. This pressure causes the water to flow more rapidly (hence the name) and to react differently to riverbed events (rocks, drops, etc.)

A boulder or ledge in the middle of a river or near the side can obstruct the flow of the river, and can also create a "cushion"; a "drop" (over the boulder); and "hydraulics" or "holes" where the river flows back on itself, perhaps back under the drop, often with fearful results for those caught in its grasp. (Holes, or hydraulics, are so-called because their foamy, aerated water provides less buoyancy and can feel like an actual hole in the river surface.) If the flow passes next to the obstruction, an eddy may form behind the obstruction; although eddies are typically sheltered areas where boaters can stop to rest, scout or leave the main current, they may be swirling and whirlpool-like. As with hydraulics (which pull downward rather than to the side and are, essentially, eddies turned at a 90-degree angle), the power of eddies increases with the flow rate.

A marked increase or decrease in flow can create a rapid (where previously wasn't one), "wash out" a rapid (decreasing the hazard) or make safe passage through previously-navigable rapids more difficult or impossible. Flow rate is typically measured in cubic meters per second (cumecs), or in cubic feet per second (cfs), depending on the country.


Ace paddlers has a team of highly skilled and internationally certified adventurers, with rich experience in adventure-based activities across the globe. As a company, we provide exciting nature based thrilling activities and adventure sporting opportunities. Our area of expertise in water sports is especially worth mentioning. With decades of experience in promoting and managing programs, what sets us apart is the state of the art equipment and internationally practiced safety standards. Therefore, we are the only official Adventure Sports and Adventure Tourism promotional and implementation partner for the Government of Karnataka.

We are also the Adventure Tourism consultants for the Karnataka Tourism Industry. Our experience and service in almost all the Wildlife Reserves and National Parks of the country has enriched our wealth of knowledge, only to offer our clients the very best of nature-packed thrilling outdoor activities and an amazing array of Water Sporting opportunities.

  Location Details
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The scenic hills of Coorg, or as the locals call it, Kodagu, welcome the adventurous with open arms. A historic town, Coorg was the abode of warriors, the spirit of whom is still seen in their favoritism toward adventure sports and alcohol. A paradise for foodies, nature lovers, history enthusiasts and most of all adrenaline romancers, Coorg ensures a fun filled journey for everyone. Rightly called the "Scotland of India" it  is one of the most picturesque districts in South India and  well-known for its coffee plantations, lush green forests, and for being the birthplace of the Cauvery river and the Kodava people.

There are numerous homestays and luxury resorts in Coorg to cater to different travelers.
  • Known as the coffee cup of India
  • Time to visit: October to May
  • White water rafting, rock climbing and more!
  • Church turned museum in Madikeri Fort
  • Delicacies: Pork curry & Kadumbuttu rice dumplings
  • Buy homemade wine and toddy
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