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2000 /person
A Jungle Retreat
This untamed, untouched and unexplored getaway exists on the edge of the Mudumalai forests. This place will definitely make you forget the concrete jungles you are used to.
Masinagudi-Madumalai ( 250 kms)
  • Elephant Ride Through The Jungle
  • Barbecue On A Platform Overlooking The Estate
  • Guided Trek
  • Ride Through The Forest In An Open Jeep
2475 /person
Rustic Haven
Trek meandering forest paths, enjoy peace and quiet under starry skies, or be bold and explore your wild side with a jungle safari. Enjoy hospitality and nature at its best.
Masinagudi-Madumalai ( 250 kms)
  • Wild Experience In The Wilderness
  • Van Safaris Into Unspoiled Sanctuary Areas
  • Trek Into The Decidous Forests
  • Swimming Pool With A View Of The Hills
3050 /person
Golfer's Paradise
Play golf with your team on a splendid golf course amidst plantations in Coorg. If you aren't much of a golfer, there are plenty of other activities to keep you and your team engaged.
Coorg ( 250 kms)
  • Golf
  • River White Water River Rafting
  • Angling & Game Fishing
  • Swimming Pool
  • River Crossing
  • Outdoor Games
  • Bonfire
7500 /person
The Serai
The Serai is a tranquil oasis of luxury and peace, to refresh mind and body; a well deserved respite from modern day travails, trials and tribulations!
Chikamagalur ( 246 kms)
  • Plantation walk Through Lush Green Coffee Plantations
  • World Class Spa
  • Infinity & Toddlers Swimming Pool
  • Archery
  • Cycling Through Plantations.
6200 /person
The Serai, Kabini
On the banks of Kabini river, this resort is perfect for a respite from modern day travails. Conduct your offsite in luxury and peace, and unwind with a host of relaxing outdoor activities.
Nagarhole-Kabini ( 220 kms)
  • A Wild Jungle Experience
  • Wilderness & Mythological Safari
  • Nature Walk Through Nature Trails
  • World Class Spa
  • Bonfire At Night
  • Swimming Pool With A Picturesque View
  • Well Stocked Bar
  • River Front Dining
6000 /person
The Serai, Bandipur
Experience wildlife from the comfort of your own lovely room at the Serai! It isn't uncommon to hear the calls of animals and the trumpeting of elephants as they pass by the resort.
Bandipur ( 221 kms)
  • Unforgettable Experience In The Wild
  • Jungle Safari In A Jeep
  • Nature Walks Through Nature's Lap
  • Bonfire At Night
  • World Class Spa
  • Swimming Pool With A View Of The Hills
  • A Well Stocked Bar & Lounge
3760 /person
Local and Natural
Ideally suited for a visit to Belur and Halebid, this resort is a mere 3 hour drive from Bangalore and surrounded by a beautiful, serene countryside and lovely, quaint villages.
Sakleshpur-Hassan ( 223 kms)
  • Ozonated Swimming Pool
  • Classy Yoga and Spa Facilities
  • Cycling Through Nature
  • Trekking Through Nature
  • Bullock Cart Ride
2400 /person
Sky Trailer
Surrounded by coffee plantations, this resort often stays partially covered in a thick blanket of mist. Enjoy breathtaking sights and sounds from the comforts of your modern day luxurious rooms.
Yercaud ( 230 kms)
  • Swimming Pool With A Scenic View
  • Bonfire At Nights
  • Hi-Tech Conferencing Facilities
  • Well Stocked Bar/Lounge
  • Outdoor Kebab Kitchen
2250 /person
Plantation Stay
Nestled in the Baba-Budan Giri Hills, this homestay offers an array of activities like trekking, coracle rides, fishing, bonfire, barbeques and more!
Chikamagalur ( 246 kms)
  • Safari
  • Waterfalls
  • Coracle Rides At The Private Lake
  • A Dip In The Mountain Stream
  • Fishing
  • Bonfires And Barbecues
  • Nature Walks
  • Plantation Tour
  • Bird Watching
3000 /person
Royal Mysore stay
This quintessential resort is set on the foothills of Chamundi hills. State of the art conference rooms, swimming pool, spa, indoor and outdoor activities- this truly is a great place for an offsite.
Mysore ( 144 kms)
  • A Worldclass Luxury Spa
  • A Quaint Duck Pond
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool Set In A Natural Rock Formation
  • Beautiful Alfresco Style Banquet Hall
  • An Open Air Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
  • A Well-Stocked Bar
  • Life-Size Chess By The Water.
4500 /person
Planter's Paradise
A private retreat with all contemporary luxuries nestled amidst a sprawling coffee plantation. It is equipped with all modern comforts and a spectrum of activities.
Coorg ( 242 kms)
  • Spice Trail Plantation Walks
  • Infinity Pool Overlooking The Plantation Valley
  • Quad-Biking On A Hilly Terrain
  • Yoga For The Early Risers
  • Zorbing In The Forest
  • Zip-line With A Scenic View
4960 /person
Getaway to Coorg
One of the greatest impressions that this place makes is on the eye. Come experience this luxury spa resort to reflect, rejuvenate and commune with nature, while bonding with your team.
Coorg ( 226 kms)
  • Pristine Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi & Trampoline
  • Putting Golf
  • Barbecue & Bonfire
  • Open Air Theatre
  • Trek To The Eight Islands
  • Camping At The Island
3000 /person
A Spiritual and Cultural Ecotel
Hidden in the quiet alleys of Southern India, this rustic, eco-firendly resort has all the comforts of a modern day resort. If you are looking for a break from the fast paced city life and hectic work schedules, head here!
Thiruvannamalai ( 220 kms)
  • Swimming pool
  • Health Club
  • Spa
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Bullock cart ride
9200 /person
Orange County, Kabini
Orange County, helps you get closer to the spirit of the land by offering a platter full of activities that let you choose your activity level and the degree of separation from the wild. So, whether you?d prefer being a spectator or a participant is left to you. All the activities here have been designed around the uniqueness of the location and the local culture, and afford you the chance to exercise both your mind and body. Come and unwind in the wilderness!!!
Nagarhole-Kabini ( 220 kms)
  • Infinity Pool At The Edge Of The Lake
  • A Well Stocked Bar
  • Family Pool With Clear Azure Waters
  • Scenic Reading Lounge
  • Candle Light Cruise On The River Kabini
  • Night Trails By The Rivers Shoreline.
7620 /person
Orange County, Coorg
Coffee, spice and all things nice. In this 300 acre property, you leave one world behind & step seamlessly into the bygone era of the Gentleman Planter, ensconced in the comforts of a plantation paradise.
Coorg ( 232 kms)
  • Experience Tranquility At The Infinity Pool
  • Reading Lounge Overlooking Lush Paddy Fields
  • Plantation
  • A World Class Spa
  • Coracle ride
  • Birdwatching
  • Private Pools
  • Family Pool In A Scenic Location
5000 /person
Luxury on the Edge of Adventure
Get close to nature at this luxurious campsite picturesque resort. Go on nature walks, wildlife safaris or just revel in the tranquil quiet of the forest.
Nagarhole-Kabini ( 220 kms)
  • Into The Wild Jungle Experience
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Nature Walk Through Nature's Heavenly Abode
  • Bonfire At Night
  • Cozy & Comfy Luxury Tents
  • Swimming Pool With A Scenic View
2000 /person
This luxury resort offers a weary traveler enchanting views of the valley and the lake. The stunning views are sure to relax your mind from office pressures and deadlines.
Yercaud ( 230 kms)
  • Lobby Level Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
  • World Class Luxury Spa
  • Pool Side Bar Overlooking The Valley
  • Well Equipped Conference Hall
  • Valley View Swimming Pool
3000 /person
Rumbling Jungle
Trekking and wildlife spotting for the adventurous, learning about the local tribes, culture and practices for the curious and cozy, comfortable cottages to unwind in for the weary - a fabulous choice for an offsite!!
BR-Hills ( 189 kms)
  • A Wilderness Experience
  • Jungle Safari In A Jeep
  • Nature Walks Through The Heart Of Nature
  • Bonfire At Night
  • Voluntourism
4350 /person
Outbound Luxury
Tucked away like a secret, this beautiful property redefines elegance, luxury and indulgence. It has enough outdoor activities to engage the team and keep the fun quotient high.
Chikamagalur ( 246 kms)
  • A Tranquil Robusta Spa
  • Swimming Pool Overlooking The Paddy Fields To The Western Ghats
  • Well-equipped Gym Overlooking The Coffee And Cardamom Estate
  • Open Sit-Out Lounge Overlooking The Beautiful Private Lake
  • SUV or ATV?s.
2500 /person
Lakeside Tranquility
Luxury resort set in pristine environs. Swim or cycle to breakaway from computer screens, engage in healthy battles in carrom orTT and pamper yourself at the spa to recharge your batteries for the week ahead.
Mysore ( 144 kms)
  • A Mammoth Size Swimming Pool
  • A world Class Luxurious Spa
  • Lake View Resort
  • A Well Equipped Conference Room
  • A Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
3750 /person
Jungle Brooks
Set in the middle of the woods, a perfect day starts with a search for yellow and black stripes and ends with a lazy swim and a barbeque under the starlit sky. Need we say more?
Bandipur ( 221 kms)
  • Experience The Wild At Its Wildest
  • Jungle Safari In A Jeep
  • Nature Walks Through Nature At Its Scenic Best
  • Crackling Bonfire At Night
  • World Class Spa
  • Infinity Swimming Pool With A Scenic View
  • Well Stocked Bar
3200 /person
Luxury in the Ghats
Nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats, this getaway gives you the best of both worlds. Green, tranquil surroundings with the comforts of a modern day resort that offers a host of activities to engage your team.
Sakleshpur-Hassan ( 223 kms)
  • Kite Flying With Designer Kites
  • Archery With Professional Bows And Arrows
  • Remote Control Car Racing
  • A Cozy Movie Hall
  • Cycling Through Coffee Plantations
  • In The Property Private Stream
1500 /person
Civet Creek Camp
In the midst of coffee plantations and dotted by the hills of Western Ghats, this campsite offers camping, trekking and a host of other activities besides some great Kodava food to satisfy the senses.
Coorg ( 250 kms)
  • Camping in the Wilderness
  • Trekking Through Plantations
  • Trek To Waterfalls
  • Campfire at Night
  • Barbeque on Request
  • Coorgi Cuisine
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Plantation Walk Through The Coffee Plantations
Holiday Valley
Immerse yourself in nature's splendour, at Holiday Valley. an ideal place for a team where one can unwind with nature and also recharge their grey cells with the long list of activities. The resort is your 'home away from home', in Coorg.
Coorg ( 250 kms)
  • Good Conference Facilities
  • Resort With A Scenic View
  • Many Activities To Choose From
  • Ozonated Swimming Pool
  • Well Stocked Bar & Lounge
2000 /person
Riverside Escapade
Stay in log cabins with a river gushing by. All in the midst of a tranquil coffee estate, enveloped amidst mighty mountain ranges carpeted with lush evergreen forests. A true nature getaway.
Chikamagalur ( 246 kms)
  • Log Cabins In Serene Surroundings
  • Nature Walk Through Coffee Plantations
  • Bird Watching
  • Plantation Stay In The Lush Green Forests
  • Thriving Wildlife
4500 /person
Tee Off with the Boss
A great place for every member of your team. You may be a wildlife enthusiast, an adventure junkie, a weekend comfort seeker, or an avid golfer, this resort is bound to satisfy a spectrum of interests.
Coorg ( 242 kms)
  • Scenic Golf Course
  • White Water Rafting
  • Angling At River Kaveri
  • Trekking To Thadiyandamol And Brahmagiri Peak
  • Off-Roading In An SUV
  • Well Equipped Conference Room
  • Leisurely Nature Walks
1800 /person
Wild Wilderness
This eco-resort is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a perfect place to unwind post a conference - take a jungle safari, indulge in a few indoor games or trek through the verdant hills or take an icy cold dip in the river.
Masinagudi-Madumalai ( 250 kms)
  • Jungle Experience In The Wild
  • Jungle Safari In The Jeep
  • Well Equipped Conference Hall
  • Mountain Top Trekking
  • Open Spaces For Team Building Activities
2000 /person
Sahyadri Hermitage
A home-stay that offers great food, stunning views of the Western ghats and enough adrenaline pumping activities to keep your team motivated for the upcoming week.
Chikamagalur ( 250 kms)
  • Trek To The Waterfall
  • Private In-House Waterfall
  • Coffee Plantation
  • 4x4 Drive
  • Campfire At Night
  • A Gentle Stream
2000 /person
Homestay In The Ghats
Located in the lap of the Western Ghats, this homestay has all the right ingredients for a perfect team holiday - stunning locale with valleys, woods, gurgling waters, soft adventure and delicious Malnad cuisine.
Chikamagalur ( 250 kms)
  • Homestay Amidst Coffee Estates
  • Trekking To The Waterfall
  • In-Property Waterfalls
  • Tea Estate Visit
  • Campfire At Night
  • Outdoor Games
  • Sunset Point To Watch Sunsets
Sakleshpur Pastures
Located close to Belur-Halebidu, The Green Pastures boasts of natural beauty coupled with the splendour of heritage and culture. Whether you are looking for adventurous activities, rural experiences, or a time for leisure and relaxation, this resort offers it all.
Sakleshpur-Hassan ( 223 kms)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Conference facility
  • Nature walk
  • Malnad cuisine
  • Heritage & Culture
  • Rural Tour & Activities
1250 /person
An Organic Retreat
An organic, eco-friendly experience awaits your team at this resort. Enter a peaceful and relaxing domain with views of verdant paddy fields and vast stretches of coffee estates.
Coorg ( 242 kms)
  • Fishing And Swimming At the In-Property Lake
  • Plantation Walk
  • Golfing
  • Trekking
  • Indoor and Outdoor Games
2600 /person
Into The Wild
Set amidst 65 acres of tropical forest, this is a perfect escape from the concrete jungles to a real jungle teeming with a spectacular diversity of wildlife.
Masinagudi-Madumalai ( 250 kms)
  • Nature Walks With The In-House Naturalist
  • Machaan Views For Birders
  • Jungle Barbecue With Exotic Meats
  • Bonfire At Nightfall
  • A Drive Through The Forest At Night
2000 /person
Riverside Homestay
If you are looking to break away from board meetings, concrete jungles and noisy streets and tune in to the sights and sounds of nature, head here !
Chikamagalur ( 250 kms)
  • 4x4 Drive To The Waterfall
  • Campfire At Night
  • Kayaking Down The Stream
  • Lush Green Coffee Estates
  • Streamwalk Through A Meandering Stream
2000 /person
Eco Resortica
Located in the evergreen forests of Bandipur, this is perfect if you are looking to have a quick conference meeting and later looking to unwind at the pool or head out on a wildlife safari.
Bandipur ( 221 kms)
  • A Wild Experience In The Wilderness
  • Jungle Safari In A Jeep
  • Nature Walks Through Natures Lap
  • Bonfire In The Evening
  • Swimming Pool To Soak Up The Ambience
5500 /person
An Exquisitely Wild Time
This luxury property by the backwaters of Kabini is a haven for the senses. Relax by the pool, embark on a jungle safari or set off on a fishing expedition.
Nagarhole-Kabini ( 220 kms)
  • Wilderness Experience
  • Dance Floor By The Pool
  • River - View Swimming Pool
  • Wilderness Safari
  • Fishing At The River In A Coracle
  • Barbeque By The Riverside
2100 /person
Dew View Resort
A short drive from the city and you find yourself at this lovely getaway. Put deadlines and client calls on the back seat and instead hit the country lanes on foot or on cycle.
Yelagiri ( 164 kms)
  • Trekking In The Forest
  • Boating In The Lake
  • Cycling On Cycling Trails
  • Campfire At Nights With Music
2375 /person
Tranquil Manor
Pristine waterfalls, ancient forts, exquisite wildlife tours - experience all this and more. Every nook and corner of this beautiful retreat exudes tranquility and calmness.
Coorg ( 230 kms)
  • Trekking Through Plantation Trails
  • Angling At Valnoor
  • Golfcourse Set Amongst Undulating Hills
  • White Water River Rafting
  • Bird Watching
2100 /person
Walking On The Edge
Desks. Keyboards clacking. Schedules and Deadlines. Homework. Traffic. Horns. Screams and Shouts. Pollution. They all find home in our city. In the midst of all this chaos one does wonder, what the other side really holds. It's time to get away. To get out and get lost. To somehow make sense of all this madness.
Sakleshpur-Hassan ( 223 kms)
  • Trekking In The Shola
  • Bonfire At Night
  • Off Roading in 4x4 Vehicles
  • Jungle Camping In Tents
  • Trek To The Waterfall.
2750 /person
Cloud 9
You can let the world drift away as you enjoy the exotic surroundings - the spectacular mountain backdrop, lush green coffee plantation, gushing streams,breath-taking sunsets - a truly mesmerizing landscape.
Sakleshpur-Hassan ( 223 kms)
  • Adventurous Jungle Trek
  • Outdoor and Indoor games
  • Bonfire At Night
  • Coffee Plantation Walk
2750 /person
Wild Escape
Tucked in the foothills of the western ghats surrounded by the mesmerizing landscape this beautiful place is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Explore endless adventure possibilities and Experience a unique vacation amidst Western Ghats. A getaway that will rejuvenate your soul.
Sakleshpur-Hassan ( 223 kms)
  • Waterfall Trek
  • Off Roading In A 4x4 Vehicle
  • Bonfire At Night
  • Indoor And Outdoor Games
  • Mountain Top Camping
2750 /person
Timeless Hills
A place far away from the maddening crowds, a private retreat in the tranquil Western Ghats, where you could choose to spend your holiday doing nothing, or activity filled - with treks through the plantation, cycle through the muddy trails, or just go with the flow of a planters life.
Sakleshpur-Hassan ( 223 kms)
  • Sunset Point Camping
  • Angling At The Fishing Pond
  • Jeep Drive To The Waterfall
  • Plantation Walk Through Coffee Plantations
2500 /person
Bounties Of Nature
Bring out the explorer in you at the resort, you will find the rarest wild animals and exotic trees of rarest species. With activities like camping, trekking and off roading you are bound to have a crazy time.
Sakleshpur-Hassan ( 223 kms)
  • Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Overlooking The Waterfall
  • Campfire Area With A Hut In The Midst Of The Property
  • Natural Stream Flowing Through The Property
  • Well Equipped Conference Hall
2500 /person
The Jewelstone
Swap your concrete confines into the vibrant hues of untouched natures at its best. Its jungle all the way at the heavenly Jewelstone nestled at the foot hills of Brahmageri forest range in the Western ghats. Jewelstone at Coorg blends with the evergreen virgin forest and lets one experience the nature at its best! UNWIND IN NATURES LAP!!!
Coorg ( 250 kms)
  • Well Equipped Conference Room
  • Natural Swimming Pool
  • Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
  • River Running Through The Property
  • Campfire By Nightfall
A heaven on earth en-route to the mystic town of Talkad that offers facilities found only at exclusive resorts in Bangalore!
Mysore ( 144 kms)
2000 /person
Deep Wood Resort
Tune into your every sense in this intense sub-tropical nature reserve on the foothills of the Nilgiris. Bordering the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, this rustic resort takes one straight to the heart of the nature itself.
Masinagudi-Madumalai ( 250 kms)
  • Business Services & Meeting facilities
  • Rooms with View
  • Safari
South Coorg Serenity
Coorg ( 250 kms)
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