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Weekend Getaways from Mumbai for Couples
See All
Has Mumbai's fast pace left you feeling disconnected from your partner? Not to worry, these romantic escapes will help rekindle your romance and make you fall in love again. Enjoy unique experiences designed specially to bring the two of you closer. Spend some quality time together against dramatic backdrops. Refresh and rejuvenate away from the hustle and bustle. Head to any of these destinations for a special weekend with your loved one and take back sweet memories.
The Dukes Retreat, Khandala
Lonavala-Khandala , Maharashtra
Escape and soak in the beauty of nature at this luxurious resort in Khandala. Wake up to breathtaking views of the Western Ghats' valleys. Meditate to the sound of birds chirping. Enjoy the peace and serenity from the comfort of well-appointed, cozy rooms. Tucked away in the green hills, find yourself surrounded by nothing but lush greenery while you make use of state-of-the-art amenities. Whether you want to pamper yourselves with a spa treatment, take a dip in the swimming pool, or enjoy panoramic views of the hills from stunning dining venues, this resort has it all. A romantic setting along with specially designed experiences for couples will make you want to stay longer. So, don't wait for the right time; if you're a nature lover and love to go that extra mile to rekindle the spark in your relationship, The Dukes Retreat is where you should be.
| 1 hr 19 mins | 93 Km
Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Alibaug
Alibaug , Maharashtra
Start your romantic journey at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa and rekindle your love at this perfect getaway. Its private presidential rooms allow for a more intimate time together. Savour your love along with the delicious cuisine prepared specially for sweethearts. Try the traditional Indian food, cooked with the romantic spices of India. 
At this upscale resort, couples can hang out at the lounge bar and dance all night long to peppy beats, indulge in spa treatments, break a sweat together at the fitness centre, build up the romance at the swimming pool or spend some quiet time together at the library. Whatever it is, this destination provides an ideal setting to reconnect with your beloved.
| 2 hrs 2 mins | 95 Km
The Machan, Lonavala
Lonavala-Khandala , Maharashtra
The Machan is the perfect getaway to have a romantic weekend with your special one. The cosy and elegant interiors bring lovers closer and allow couples to enjoy their private space in the midst of nature. Together, try taking part in activities such as trekking, bird watching, stargazing and cycling. Join in for a candlelight dinner with your partner and rekindle the romance. Visit historical sites and get to experience the lush valleys, cascading waterfalls, sparkling streams and dewy winds. Indulge in spa therapies and revitalize your love with your beloved. All in all, this place provides an intimate space to reignite the spark in your relationship.
| 1 hr 19 mins | 93 Km
Aamby Valley City, Lonavala
Lonavala-Khandala , Maharashtra
If you're looking out for a romantic spot, head out to Lonavala's Aamby Valley City. Go stargazing together and be lost for words. Get sporty and take part in activities like paintball, zorbing, rappelling, ziplining, rock climbing, horse riding and jungle safaris. Pamper yourself with a lavish spa treatment. Spend some time together at the gym and build up on your love. Head out to the theatres with your loved one for some movie time. View the enthralling musical water fountain with its myriad of colours that will blow your mind. All in all, Aamby Valley City has a lot to offer for couples looking to spend some quality time over the weekend.
| 1 hr 19 mins | 93 Km
Vivanta by Taj-Fort Aguada, Goa
North Goa , Goa
Overlooking the Sinquerium Beach, this 5-star luxury hotel in Candolim provides the perfect setting for an intimate weekend with your loved one. Experience the best of Goa at this upscale, romantic venue. Sea or garden view rooms are designed to ensure you have a comfortable and memorable stay. Feel closer to that special someone with the range of romantic experiences organized for you by the resort. Start your day with a delicious breakfast while you enjoy stunning views of the sea. Spend some quality time together in the beautiful infinity pool. Take part in adventures like rappelling together. Go for a romantic stroll amidst the greenery. To top it all off, end your day with a private dining experience under the stars at a venue of your choice-the beach, the lawn or by the pool. An experience at Vivanta by Taj-Fort Aguada is sure to make you fall in love and go back with the sweetest of memories.
| 9 hrs 57 mins | 576 Km
Alila Diwa Goa
South Goa , Goa
This plush 5-star hotel in Majorda is surrounded by paddy fields and has everything you need to make your loved one feel special. The perfect blend of contemporary Goan architecture and traditional decor makes it an elegant setting for your romantic escape. The wide variety of romantic experiences offered at this charming resort will blow your mind away. If simply lounging in the outdoor pool doesn't cut it, surprise your partner with a candlelight dinner on the beach or in a tree house done up exclusively for the two of you. Enjoy an exclusive movie experience at the private mini theatre. Cook your own meal with expert chefs guiding you. Do something different and enroll for a cocktail and mocktail workshop together. Whatever it is, Alila Diwa Goa guarantees an experience like no other.
| 11 hrs 16 mins | 632 Km
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Luxury Resorts near Mumbai
See All
Revel in luxury at these grand and upscale resorts near Mumbai that will leave you pining for more. Posh rooms, richly tantalizing cuisine and thrilling adventure activities make it a blissful haven to indulge in hedonistic pleasures. Head out to one of these over-the-top, lavish fantasies and make your heavenly stay a blissful one. These resorts, oozing with elegance and style, will allow you to live your life king-style!
Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
Mumbai and Outskirts , Maharashtra
Taste infinite luxury at the Taj Mahal Palace where plush ambience, palatial architecture and the ever-ready concierge never fail to spoil you. Its opulent signature suites furnished with the best of the best amenities and magnificent interiors will make you rejoice in sheer pleasure. Rich, authentic Japanese culinary, tantalizing cantonese preparations, traditional Indian specialities and exotic Arabian cuisines are here to titillate your tastebuds. Delight in delicious desserts, velvety cheese and gourmet cold-cuts that will simply melt in your mouth. A relaxing spa treatment, with a sensuous round of aromatherapy and therapeutic massages, will allow you to luxuriate in extreme opulence. A luxury salon, taking care of all your needs with utmost care, is here to leave you looking devastatingly gorgeous. The Taj Mahal Palace, shimmering in extreme splendour and superlative magnificence, is THE luxury resort to splurge in! So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to dive right into luxury.
The Machan, Lonavala
Lonavala-Khandala , Maharashtra
Experience the true meaning of luxury at The Machan, where you can enjoy the vibrant and scenic landscape, brimming with joy and gladness, and where your soul synchronizes to be in one with nature. This upscale resort, with its fine interiors and luxurious amenities, is set to leave your heart reveling in sublime splendour. Enjoy out-of-this-world spa experiences, where therapies blending with the heart and soul of nature are designed to keep you rejuvenated all day long. On a clear diamond-encrusted night, enjoy star-gazing as you get transported to worlds beyond human comprehension. Take utmost delight while you're engaged in bird watching as these exotic and migratory species will keep you engrossed in exuberance. The Machan, set amidst nature's plush bounty and panoramic beauty is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. So, head here and get ready to be dazzled by this lavish lifestyle that will keep you lusting for more!
| 1 hr 19 mins | 93 Km
Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Alibaug
Alibaug , Maharashtra
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and plunge into searing opulence at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa where all things swanky and luxurious allow you to revel in utmost delight. The plush wildlife and multi-coloured birds grace the landscape with beauty and elegance. Sophisticated rooms with trendy and avant-garde decor make your stay a lavish one. The rich, ambrosial cuisine with delectably soft, creamy desserts will take you on a delicious rhapsody. Put on your dancing shoes as you sway to rhythmic beats of peppy dance numbers in a swanky night club or simply laze in style at the resort's extremely posh and upscale lounge. Feel like a million bucks while you indulge in flattering spa therapies and tone those beautifully carved muscles at the resort's very own, state-of-the-art fitness centre. An epitome of true luxury, Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, with all its richness and grandeur is an exceptional and an extravagant place to revel in!
| 2 hrs 2 mins | 95 Km
Aamby Valley City, Lonavala
Lonavala-Khandala , Maharashtra
The suave and stylish Aamby Valley City defines what luxury is. Head out to this super-lavish resort that is oozing in glitz and extravagance. Its deluxe suites charged with electrifyingly state-of -the-art home decor and plush designs that are in vogue, will spin your head in ecstasy. Taste the true meaning of luxury as you indulge in blissful spa treatments that will nourish your mind, body and soul or simply pamper yourself to a range of costly beauty products at the resort's very own exquisite salon. Under clear, crystal nights, go star-gazing at little pearls that look like diamonds in the sky. If you're an avid adventure freak, then there are plenty of options to exhilarate the life out of you! Get a heavy dose of the thrill of zip lining, rock climbing, zorbing and rappelling. Go on a quest as you trek through the luxurious landscape and escape to an exotic wildlife territory as you embark on an exciting jungle safari. The Aamby Valley City, carved in resplendent beauty, truly proves to be an epitome of luxury. So, if you're looking for a relaxed holiday spent in style, away from the chaos of the city, head out to the stunningly uber-luxurious, Aamby Valley City!
| 1 hr 19 mins | 93 Km
Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa, Shilimb
Lonavala-Khandala , Maharashtra
Plush ambience, resplendent services, ostentatious settings and state-of-the-art amenities are all the things that have gone into making the magnificent Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa. Suites embellished with a royal touch and delicacies garnished with rich flavours will exult your heart in euphoric bliss. Engulf in sheer luxury as you undergo heavenly spa treatments designed to pamper your every need and desire. Feel like royalty while the resort's polite and highly-trained concierge take utmost care in fulfilling your every whim and fantasy. Zip line your way through lush vistas of the western ghats or try out an exhilarating round of paddle boating on the azure waters of the Pawna Lake. Whatever it is, the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa, like a gem of the highest quality, is sure to make you feel like a million bucks! So, hurry and head to the one and only, swanky and uberlicious, Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa.
| 1 hr 19 mins | 93 Km
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Road Trips from Mumbai
See All
We know that Mumbai's fast pace tends to get hectic at times and we all deserve a break every now and then. So, head to any of these destinations for a weekend away from it all and de-stress while you hit the road! After all, what better way to unwind than an exciting road trip? Whether you're with family, friends, or flying solo, there's plenty in store for you around Mumbai. All you need to do is pack your luggage in the boot and get going!
Lonavala & Khandala , Maharashtra
The twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala are minutes away from each other and are extremely popular road trips from Mumbai. While the region is undoubtedly home to several touristy sites, the journey from Mumbai to Lonavala is an attraction in itself! Good roads and lush green surroundings (especially during monsoons) provide the perfect backdrop for an exciting road trip that will leave you mesmerized! 
The standard route to Lonavala and Khandala is the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. However, if you're planning to bike it, you'll have to take the old Mumbai-Pune Highway as the Mumbai-Pune Expressway doesn't allow bikes. 
Enjoy scenic views while you drive, and before you know it, you'll be at this beautiful location, surrounded by green valleys and misty hills. The best part is, the journey from Mumbai to Lonavala takes only about an hour and a half and is therefore a must-do road trip.
Once you arrive, enjoy the pleasant climate, go for a sightseeing tour or just sit back and unwind to breathtaking views. Whatever you do, don't forget to take back some of Lonavala's famous chikki! All in all, if you're in Mumbai and this is a road trip you haven't done yet, now's the time!
| 1 hr 19 mins | 93 Km
Matheran , Maharashtra
India's smallest hill station, Matheran, lies in close proximity to Mumbai and Pune, thereby making it a popular weekend getaway from these two cities. The best way to get to this eco-sensitive region is by car. Just about 80 kilometers away from Mumbai, one can easily get here within 2 hours. However, Matheran is Asia's only automobile-free hill station and private vehicles will not be allowed beyond a certain point. Don't be disappointed; this will only make your journey more exciting. From the car park, take a scenic walk till you reach the town centre in around 30-40 minutes, or enjoy a horseback ride with a tour of breathtaking viewpoints. 
Once you arrive at Matheran, find yourself surrounded by peace and tranquility. Roads made of red laterite earth are sure to give you a more down-to-earth experience. Also, within Matheran, the only modes of transport available are horses and hand-pulled rickshaws. Of course, you can always walk and explore the beauty of the place if you're up for it. Enjoy beautiful sunsets, marvel at the well-preserved British architecture and let the fresh air soothe your mind, body & soul. Matheran will leave you longing for your next visit.
| 1 hr 42 mins | 83 Km
Alibaug , Maharashtra
Alibaug is a popular weekend destination for Mumbaikars looking to escape the hustle and bustle. The route to this lovely coastal town via the Mumbai-Goa highway is one worth experiencing. Don't miss out on scenic views of the Kolaba Fort on your way. Within 3 hours and less than a 100 km drive from Mumbai, you can find yourself surrounded by sandy beaches, coconut palms and rich heritage. Whether it's a romantic holiday with your partner or a family vacation with a pet, Alibaug has something for everyone. So, if you're longing for that perfect beach getaway, not too far from the city, Alibaug is where you should be.
| 2 hrs 2 mins | 95 Km
Mahabaleshwar , Maharashtra
This picturesque hill station, nestled amidst the valleys of the Sahyadri range, is a frequently visited tourist destination owing to its pleasant climate, scenic views, and range of other attractions. A road trip to Mahabaleshwar along the Mumbai-Pune expressway has a lot to offer. Enjoy amazing views as you climb up the hill. Stop by one of the many strawberry fields as you approach your destination. Dip your feet in one of the streams on the way if you're travelling during monsoon. All in all, this journey of 5-6 hours has a lot in store for you.
Once you arrive at this charming hill station, feel welcome as the cascading waterfalls soothe your senses. Enjoy the endless viewpoints or visit any of the many temples. Unwind and rejuvenate with a scenic sunset. Wake up to views of the mist-clad hills from your cozy room. Whatever it is, Mahabaleshwar will leave you calm and relaxed, ready to take on the week to come.
| 3 hrs 48 mins | 252 Km
Dandeli , Karnataka
Located on the banks of the Kali River in Karnataka, Dandeli is the state's adventure capital. With exceptional white water rafting, kayaking and other adventure opportunities, this destination is a paradise for adrenaline junkies and nature-lovers. 
Dandeli is also renowned for the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary that is home to several species of wildlife and also offers other activities such as nature walks, bird watching, boating and crocodile spotting. 
A road trip from Mumbai to Dandeli is indeed very promising and takes around 9-10 hours to cover approximately 580 kilometers. If you're tired after all the driving, there are plenty of resorts for you to relax and prepare yourself for the adventures to come. So, what are you waiting for? Tank up and head here for an experience that will blow your mind!
| 8 hrs 33 mins | 565 Km
Goa , Goa
Goa needs no introduction. Being just about 10-12 hours away from Mumbai, you'll find a lot of people taking off for this road trip over long weekends. The Mumbai to Goa road trip is undoubtedly one of the most scenic ones in the country and is a must-do for anyone. Begin your journey on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and let good roads and scenic views take you to India's favourite beach destination! 
Take the NH4 route for good roads throughout, and if you've got some spare time, Satara, Kolhapur and Belgaum make deserving pit stops on the way. If you're feeling adventurous, the NH17 (or the NH66) route with its rugged roads offers breathtaking scenery and fewer traffic lights. If you're taking this route, the beach town of Ganapatipule and the Karnala Bird Sanctuary are worth stopping at. 
Whichever route you choose to take, you can be sure that the journey to Goa is as promising as the destination itself! After approximately 590 kilometers, find yourself surrounded by miles of beautiful beaches, happening clubs, seafood shacks and a mesmerizing coastal vibe.
| 9 hrs 30 mins | 603 Km
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Foodie Destinations around Mumbai
See All
If you are a die-hard foodie and have plans to go on a food expedition, then here are the top 6 food destinations near Mumbai that you absolutely have to visit! Go on a journey and explore the rich cuisine that these places have to offer. Bite into lip-smacking delicacies and keep returning for more!
Lonavala , Maharashtra
If you have a sweet tooth, then you must try out Lonavala's famous chikki. This crunchy delight simply fills your mouth with sweetness. If you are a hard core foodie, then Lonavala is the right place for you. Relish spicy and delicious local treats. Sip on some hot masala chai while you enjoy a spicy vada pav. Gorge on tasty mint vada pavs, bhajiyas and roasted corn. Treat yourself to Cooper's delectable and heavenly fudge. Visit Hotel Chandralok, known best for its thalis. If you are looking out for a good vegetarian meal, head out to Manashakti, where they serve you the freshest sabudana khichdi, crunchy thalipeeth and fluffy poha along with kokum sharbat. Whatever it is, Lonavala, with its variety of street food and local cuisines, will surely leave you longing for more.
| 1 hr 19 mins | 93 Km
Pune , Maharashtra
If you happen to be a food lover and are hungry to satisfy those innermost cravings, head out to Pune, the ultimate food destination. Try out Misal Pav, a Maharashtrian snack, that will titillate your tastebuds. For breakfast, gorge on some delicious crepes and enjoy local favourites like puran poli, thalipeeth and sol kadi. Feast on matar karanji, gulkand laddu and sabudana khichdi. Refresh yourself with a Mastani, a ?cold drink' made by mixing ice-cream, milk, cream and seasonal fruit flavours. Don't forget to try out Parsi delicacies like salli chicken and mutton dum biryani. Have a bite of the famous shrewsbury biscuits available at Kayani Bakery. All in all, Pune, with its variety of goodies to choose from, will never let your high expectations down.
| 2 hrs 8 mins | 148 Km
Nashik , Maharashtra
Nashik is a popular destination for wine lovers. If you like wine tasting, and want to go on wine tours, then you must head out to the famous Sula vineyards, the York vineyards, the scenic Soma Vineyards and the luxurious Chateau d'Ori. 
Satisfy those sweet cravings and try the delicious Puran Poli here. This traditional sweet flavoured dish is a delight on the taste buds. Haven't got much of a sweet tooth? Then try out the lip-smacking street food like misal pav, bondas, vada pav, sabudana vada and thukpa. 
One can also savour mouth-watering dishes like Mutton Kolhapuri Pandhra Rassa, Tambda Rassa and Mutton Maratha that make Nashik's food scene special. All in all, Nashik with all its Maharashtrian, Gujarati, North Indian and South Indian flavours, is truly a food lover's paradise.
| 2 hrs 31 mins | 166 Km
Lavasa , Maharashtra
Lavasa, with its variety of international and local cuisine, is a heaven on earth for any food lover. One can savour dishes ranging from mughlai and tandoori to Italian and American. Enjoy gorging on mouth-watering delicacies like shawarma, pasta, pav bhaji and burgers. Try out the lebanese cuisine at Tabakh or head out to Pizza Vala, famous for its pizzas. The Chinese cuisine at Orient 8 is a must try for all foodies. Gratify your cravings for all things sweet at Granma's Homemade which is known for their bakery products and desserts. All in all, Lavasa, with its multi-cuisine offerings will surely leave any food lover with a variety of options to choose from.
| 3 hrs 13 mins | 186 Km
Mahabaleshwar , Maharashtra
Mahabaleshwar is famous for its honey and strawberry farms. Visit the Mapro Strawberry Festival and revel in various strawberry-based goodies like strawberry pizzas, strawberry bhel, chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry sandwiches and many more. Try out corn pattice, a local dish  which is made from corn. If you love gavran food, then you are at the right place. Kombdi vade, a Maharashtrian gavran delicacy, is a delight to the palate. Masala corn or bhutta is also a hit among tourists. Golas, channas and chikkis are also a must try. All in all, with a variety of things to gorge on, Mahabaleshwar simply proves to be a foodie's ultimate destination.
| 3 hrs 48 mins | 252 Km
Goa , Goa
Goa is a haven for all food lovers. A foodie's paradise, Goa never fails to delight your heart and your stomach. Known for its fresh seafood and endless seafood shacks, this beach destination will never disappoint you. Try out the sannas, a traditional goan preparation, and relish some tasty, hot and spicy mackerel reacheado. Enjoy the goan prawn curry, fish curry and rice, and various other Goan delicacies that are prepared with the freshest catch, specially for you.
After you've enjoyed a hearty and sumptuous meal, be sure to finish it with Goa's famous Bebinca, a coconut-based dessert, that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. All in all, there's something for everyone at this destination and you're sure to find what you're looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Set out on a food journey to Goa and have a great time!
| 9 hrs 30 mins | 603 Km
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Plannning a team outing ? Our wide range of handpicked getaways cater to all your requirements, be it a luxury getaway by the beach to help unwind or a rustic campsite across the countryside, whatever be the occassion, our travel experts can help you discover and plan the perfect offsite.
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Cheat sheet to picking a weekend getaway from Mumbai

Tired of the hustle and bustle in the city? Mumbai's got a number of getaway resorts in the outskirts for you to unwind. If you're ready to drive a few hours or take a short flight, we've got a few more destinations listed for you to get away from the city madness! 

Upto a 3-4 hour drive: 

  • Lonavala & Khandala-Nestled in the Sahyadri Ranges, these twin hill stations are extremely popular getaways for Mumbaikars due to their proximity to the big city. Go camping at nearby Pawna (or Pavana) Lake, paragliding at Kamshet, trekking at Tiger's Leap, visit the forts and the Karla and Bhaja caves, or just be lazy and enjoy the hazy green hills around. Also, don't forget to take back some chikki from here as it is what the place is famous for. 
  • Matheran & Karjat- Matheran is a popular and also the smallest hill station in India. It is known for its breath-taking viewpoints and British-style architecture. For adventure-seekers, nearby Karjat offers trekking, river rafting, hiking and mountain climbing.
  • Pune-Explore the nightlife of this fast-growing city and maybe even visit the Osho Ahram and the German Bakery while you're at it! 
  • Alibaug is home to several beaches, temples and forts. Kulaba Fort, 1-2 kms from the shore, in the sea, is one of its popular attractions. The nearby Phansad Wildlife sanctuary is supposed to be a birdwatcher's paradise. 
  • Visit the unspoilt beaches of Kashid (near Alibaug) and Dahanu (Palghar district), both less than a 4 hour drive from Mumbai. 
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli -The Union Territory's capital, Silvassa, has a number of getaway resorts and tourist attractions including a Deer Park, the Vasona Lion Sanctuary and water sports. 
  • Kolad-The Kundalika River that passes through Kolad is very popular for river rafting. 
  • Durshet- Move away from the crowded city to the little village of Durshet for water sports in the Kundalika River, scenic views of the Sahyadri Range, and the Night Safari. One can even trek to the forts in Durshet or visit the Sulphur-rich healing hot springs here. 
  • Nasik-Sip on some wine at either of the many wineries at the 'Wine Capital of India'. Home to other attractions as well, Nasik attracts a lot of Mumbaikars looking for a quick getaway. 
  • Igatpuri-Known for Vipassana International Academy, people from all over the world flock here to learn this form of meditation. Enjoy the peace and meditate amongst the scenic valleys of Igatpuri, just 120kms from Mumbai.  
  • Daman & Diu-Marvel at the Portuguese styled architecture and the beaches of Daman & Diu, not far from Mumbai. 

Upto a 6 hour drive: 

  • Mahabaleshwar-Walk through the beautiful evergreen forests at this hill station and explore all the dramatic viewpoints the place has to offer. Watch as the Lingmala waterfalls cascade into the popular Venna Lake. Nearby Panchgani is also a hill station worth visiting for its strawberry farms and adventure activities. 
  • Shirdi-Embark on your spiritual journey to Shirdi, the home of Shirdi Sai Baba, just about a 5 hour drive from Mumbai. 
  • Lavasa- If you're looking for a luxurious getaway away from the city, head to Lavasa and stay at one of the many premium hotels overlooking the lake. For the more adventurous, take part in the wide range of water sports offered.
  • Ganpatipule- Head to Ganpatipule for a relaxed weekend by the beautiful beach. Take a camel ride or boat ride by the beach, visit the Ganesha Temple, or just laze around in one of the beach resorts here. 

Slightly longer drives (10-12 hrs): 

  • Goa- This happening beach destination is little more than a 10 hour drive from Mumbai. If you're not in a mood to drive, you can always hop on to a flight as well. 
  • Gokarna-Goa too commercial for you' Head to Gokarna for a quieter and unspoilt version of Goa. 
  • Dandeli- Visit the 'Adventure Capital of Karnataka' and see for yourself why it is called so. Apart from its popular Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, it has all the possible adventure activities to offer- right from trekking to white water rafting and rappelling.
  • Gujarat is within driving distance from Mumbai. One can also take a short flight. 

Places you can take a flight to: 

Within India:

  • Walk through the French colony and take a dip in the lovely beaches at Pondicherry or learn more about Indian history at Mahabalipuram-all by taking a short flight to Chennai and driving from there. 
  • Take a flight to Mangalore from where you can drive down to many popular destinations in the South such as Coorg, Gokarna, Murudeshwar, Udupi and Dharmastala.
  • Take a flight to Bangalore, Coimbatore or Kochi and visit the Wildlife Corridor of the South if you're a nature lover. This includes Nagarhole, Bandipur and Kabini in Karnataka, Masinagudi and Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu, and Wayanad in Kerala. 
  • Take a direct flight to Kochi to explore God's Own Country, Kerala
  • Hop on a camel and ride through the sand dunes in Rajasthan, just 1hr 40mins away by flight. 
  • PenchKanha and Bandhavgarh are also less than 2 hours away by flight if you're a wildlife lover.  
  • Live it up at the islands of Andaman. Go diving or just relax by the blue waters of its pristine beaches.

Fly out of India:

  • The 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean', Sri Lanka, is just two and a half hours away. 
  • Go for a luxurious getaway to Dubai - 3 hours by flight. 
  • Hog on some delicious Thai food, go shopping, have the time of your life-Thailand is a direct flight away!
 To make things better, the fact that Thailand and Sri Lanka have visa on arrival facilities makes traveling to these places even  easier.
So go ahead and pick your getaway now!
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