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From Bangalore
 284 km
 4 hrs 58 mins
Snuggled in the western ghats, Coorg, an anglicised name for Kodagu, is a district of the state of Karnataka. As a historic town, Coorg was the abode of warriors, the spirit of whom is still seen in their favoritism toward adventure sports and alcohol. It is an epicurean haven and a cozy destination with hills, plantations, a famous river, wildlife and coffee. A whiff of mystery surrounds the origin of the natives, Kodavas. Their aura is rather exotic with agriculture, wealth and success in the blood. The region is also referred as 'Scotland of India'. The scenic hills of Coorg, or as the locals call it, Kodagu, welcome the adventurous with open arms. A paradise for foodies, nature lovers, history enthusiasts and most of all adrenaline romancers, Coorg ensures a fun filled journey for everyone. Rightly called the "Scotland of India" it  is one of the most picturesque districts in South India and  well-known for its coffee plantations, lush green forests, and for being the birthplace of the Cauvery river and the Kodava people. There are numerous homestays and luxury resorts in Coorg to cater to different travelers.
Getting to Coorg
  • Known as the coffee cup of India
  • Time to visit: October to May
  • White water rafting, rock climbing and more
  • Church turned museum in Madikeri Fort
  • Delicacies: Pork curry & Kadumbuttu rice dumplings
  • Buy homemade wine and toddy
Getting to Coorg
Omkareshwara Temple: Built in 1820, this temple show cases Mumammadam style of architecture. Legend has it that the temple was built to appease the spirit of a Brahmin, who was ordered killed by the King at the time.  
Timings: 6.30 am to 12noon; 5pm to 8pm

Madikeri Fort:
The original mud fort was rebuilt in stone on Tipu Sultans orders. The fort now houses a church-turned-museum, a public library, the Kote Maha Ganapati Temple, and the district prison.
Timings: 10am to 5.30pm; Monday holiday

Raja's Seat: With a view fit for Kings, this garden used to be where the Kings of Coorg would come to watch the sunset all those years ago. One of the most scenic spots in South India, Raja?s seat offers a breathtaking view of towering hills, green valleys studded with Paddy fields, and beautiful sunsets.
Timings: Weekdays 8am to 9pm
Fees: Rs.5 per person.

Hiking at Pushpagiri: About an hours' distance from Madikeri, a path less traveled by. Hiking is the best way to connect with nature, so nature lovers, assemble! Put on your hiking shoes and get to it!
Timings: 8am to 6pm, every day.

Rock Climbing: Honnamana Kere, Gavi Betta and Mori Betta are a rock climbers' haven. Visit for free between 8am to 6pm on all days of the week, and go as far as you can on these scenic rocks!

White Water Rafting: Dubare offers the daring craft of white water rafting down the Kaveri river, costing around Rs.1000 only! Seasonally available, this activity is run by a local group. It is open on all days of the week, 9am to 6pm.

With a beautiful setting, it's a gastronomical delight in Coorg. A dark vinegar called Kachampuli is present in most dishes along with coconut. Pork dishes beat other main courses hands down with accompaniments in various forms of rice. Desserts will have a hint of local honey. An alcohol session almost always precedes a good meal. 
Though Coorgi food is predominantly non vegetarian, vegetarians find no lack of dishes to try. Bamboo shoot curry, Kadumbuttu rice dumplings, the Coorg Pork curry and chicken curry served with rice noodles are the specialties that make Coorg a foodies' paradise!

Taste of Coorg: A restaurant serving authentic Coorgi food, a must visit for anyone who loves to try new things.

Raintree: A 100 year old bungalow turned into a fantastic restaurant, Raintree comes highly recommended by foodies everywhere.
Coorg is a shoppers' paradise for fresh honey and home-made wines, which are delectable souvenirs.

Buy traditional weapons like Peechekathi, the dagger, from local retail stores as decorative pieces. Madikeri Tibetan artifacts are also a specialty.

Coorg Honey: Considered the best in the Indian market, Coorgi honey is rich in taste, flavor and quality. Be sure to pick up a bottle marked as Coorg Ag-Mark Honey that ensures its authenticity.
Languages spoken: Kodava, Kannada, English.

Currency: Indian Rupee.

Climate: The day can get hot, but the mornings and evenings are quite pleasant. Rain is common, so be sure to carry the necessary things.

Connectivity: A bustling city, Madikeri does not cause any disturbance to connectivity.

Trivia: Kodagu was the town of the warriors, and the warrior spirit is alive even to this day, as is evident from its adventure loving people.

Culture: Traditional Coorg attire is as attractive as the people it enhances. Women wear a sari in Kodava style. Men wear a simple but black wraparound called kupya. A dagger called pichakatti is tucked inside a red sash worn around. Traditional head gear called Mande Tuni completes the look. Women adorn themselves in jewellery that are based on nature, like sun and moon. There is a reflection of Coorgs' animist beliefs. However, river Cauvery is considered the mother and most respected. Rituals are not presided over by a priest, but an elder. A lamp - Nelakki Bolucha is hung in each house in honour of the elders of the clan. Each family unit is called an 'okka' and any property owned is collectively developed.
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 Madikeri, Coorg
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