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A city characterized by a rare concoction of rich heritage and a palpable international influence with a fast-paced life, jaw dropping commercial structures, people sporting earrings and rock n roll t-shirts and shopping so good that there is absolutely nothing you can't find. Bangalore is not just a city but a brand that has put India on the World's commercial and financial star map while playing a role model to most of the other cities in India. One of the most highly developed cities in India, Bangalore, which is free of political activity has earned the reputation of playing the role of India's own New York and Silicon Valley as it has toppled Mumbai as the financial capital and is one of the world's premier IT hubs. Complete with a Michelin Star-worthy restaurant at almost every corner, Bangalore is simply "the" place to be.
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  • India's IT capital
  • Shopping paradise
  • Foodie Paradise
  • Rich heritage and culture
  • Well known landmarks and national monuments
  • Financial Capital of India
  • Ideal for Adventure buffs

Well known for it's gardens , museums and temples , Bangalore has tons of places that are ideal for shutterbugs and history buffs. Some of the well known ones include:

Bangalore Palace

Tipu Sultan's Palace

Cubbon Park

Lalbagh Gardens

National Gallery of Modern Art

Government Museum

HAL Aerospace Centre

Bull Temple

Lord Ganesha Temple

The city is well known for it's Ayurveda as well as it's Spiritual Healing & Comfort centers across the city as well as it's outskirts most of which are highly frequented by travelers from across the world.

If you want to take a quick good look around the various hot spots in the city then you can head in for some of the bus and sightseeing tours which take you around the city's most well known spots in a single day.

Get off Your Ass! is a well known traveler's initiative that aims at giving the know-how of various hiking and trekking destinations across the city and it's outskirts. Ideal for adventure-buffs and adrenaline-junkies , the initiative also has adventure gear for purchase and rental.

Shopping Galore: The city is one of the shopping capitals of the country and there is a store in the city in every corner for almost everything. Best aspect of this city that there are close to 10 for each kind which means that you don't have to travel miles to get a particular item you are looking for.

Bangalore is one of India's fine dining capitals along with Mumbai. It is home to some of the most revered and famous restaurants of the country. Few of the best among the lot include :

Fava, UB City: A small yet classy & cozy restaurant where the distinctive Mediterranean flavor is palpable with a sense of promise particularly for those silent intellectually frolic hangouts after a tiring day of travel. The restaurant is well known for it's platters with some amazing brew to choose from the restaurants menu.

Biere Club: Parties..Silent hangouts..or just sipping name it. The Biere club is one of the most entertaining restaurants in Bangalore with an fun, super-lively and electric atmosphere which is infectious and makes the stubborn look silly. An absolute paradise for folks who love their brew and their continental favorites.

Harima : One of the most well known Japanese restaurants of the South with a typically organic Japanese dining ambiance with a Chef hailing from Osaka to take over the culinary proceedings. This is the ideal place for if you are up for some fine Sushi and Sashimi while dicing it down with some fine Sake.

Bookworms will have a field day as they get to shop at some of the most well known book stores in the city, some of which include : Bookworm , Page Turners and Blossoms

Bangalore is also well known for having some amazing art and craft houses like the Cauvery Art & Crafts Emporium where you get to choose from a huge variety of handicrafts, handlooms, antiques etc..

Some of the other famous stores across the city are located in Malls and shopping centres across the city . Some of the most packed and highly frequented ones include: UB City, Forum Mall and Garuda Mall

Language: English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu

Climate: Bangalore is known to have a pleasant climate through the year with a decent amount of rainfall . The city sure has it's share of heat waves but are known to pass over swiftly. Summers are known for dry heat with warmer nights while winters are known to get biting cold with the evenings getting really cold.

Currency: Indian Rupee

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